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Is Extreme Couponing for You?

By Alexa Connelly
July 06, 2012

Not everyone is an extreme couponer like the ones on the television show and nobody expects it but you still want to save money right? Of course, who doesn’t want to save money if possible. Here are some couponing tips for normal couponers:

  1. Only buy what you and your family will use. Don’t buy 5 cans of tuna just because it’s a good price.
  2. Organize! You’ll never be able to find your coupons if they’re in a big pile on your table, organize them in a binder or wallet.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the store so that you know which coupon is in that aisle.
  4. Set some time aside to look for the weekly deals and to look for coupons online.
  5. Be ready to go to different store to get different deals, unfortunately, all of the sales are not usually at one place.

These steps can eventually lead you to be an extreme couponer, but until then, just do what you can and when you find a good deal, go after it!

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