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It’s All About the Donors

By Alexa Connelly
March 12, 2013

It is often with a noble idea that good willed people come together to start a nonprofit organization. The aim usually is to make a difference in the community by improving an aspect of choice. Good as the idea might seem, its operations get crippled with no funding. The organization depends on donors and well wishers mostly.

Baring this in mind, it is thus critical to present yourself with proposals that are too good to be denied. Donors can be difficult people to deal with and always need convincing to part with their money. The best way to prove your worthiness easily is by stipulating and showing them what you are about and how you manage your organization. Practices that work towards goal achievement are more likely to catch their attention.

Any managing director aiming at securing funding should ensure that there are set by laws that govern the organization. This encompasses members and their job descriptions, missions and goals. This is important in assuring donors that once they dispense their cash it is in the safe hands of personnel that understands their tasks. Something that is critical since no one wants to place their hard earned cash in the care of unskilled people.

Getting this people interested can be achieved through properly kept financial and accounting records. Clear representation of usage and expenditure should always be standby in case anyone wants to verify. This enhances accountability and any misappropriations can be traced back to the concerned party. This is a sure way of winning you target donor trust.

Setting up polices that will resolve conflicts in another attracting factor. When donors notice your transparency in this line they will obviously want to partner with you. This involves listening to any claims and complaints by the community and employees concerning cases of favors, bias among others. Proper conflict resolutions are a sure way of proving focuses and showing that nothing will deter the organization from achieving its set objectives. These policies cover even personnel concerns in terms of work related conditions.

An important practice that will surely close in donors is the one outlining the roles of the management. It must be clear that the team is dispensable and can be formed or broken when need be. It helps inn maintaining the organizations goals as being the only most important component in the organization.

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