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Lawsuit Basics and Your Non-Profit

By Alexa Connelly
January 11, 2012

There are seven basic lawsuit stages that occur regardless of the level of the offense.

Stage One:  Filing the court papers. In this stage either you or better yet, your attorney submit pleadings that summarize how the law has been broken.

Stage Two: A jury of your peers is selected to hear your case.

Stage Three: is the opening statement(s). The opening statement is presented by the attorney and includes why you have a sound case, how he would like to see it resolved, and the information that will presented during the trial.

Stages Four and Five are where the majority of information is brought to light. You have the witness and expert cross-examination and testimony. You also have the closing arguments in which the attorney will once more review the facts. In the last two stages of the trail you will have the jury instruction and the verdict. The jury will be instructed to meet in another room to decide who will win the case. The jury’s decision is presented to the judge, but the judge has the final say in the verdict and punishment to be awarded.


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