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Linked In for Nonprofit Organizations

By Alexa Connelly
July 16, 2012

LinkedIn is a social platform that offers a simple way to learn about, and reach out to, millions of supporters and donors. The best part of this social networking is that it is FREE. There are five simple steps your business can do for maximum LinkedIn networking:

  1. Creating a profile
    If you have not created a LinkedIn account yet, do so now. Under the name field fill in the name you use on your business card (i.e. if your name is Caroline but you go by Carol, put Carol in the name field). Next fill out the headline field. In this field you need to make a statement that is packed with a punch because when someone is searching on LinkedIn the name and the headline are the first things they see. You will add a photo next, a professional photo is preferred, create a custom URL, summary of your business, employment history, education, and contact.
  2. Create a user profile
    This is a profile that will maximize your visibility by adding additional information about you (people like the authenticity of your story so make it all about you) and your other social network sites, specialties, sections, personal information (As much as you want), and applications.
  3. 3.       Building a network

Now you need to start building your network by adding connections to invite people you now (at first) to your LinkedIn site, colleagues which lets you see LinkedIn members with whom you’ve worked with before, current clients, address book which is in popular e-mail applications, and classmates.

  1. 4.       Extending network

Some ways to start using LinkedIn very effectively is to search where you can search for every field imaginable, companies, connections, answers, groups, updates, and recommendations.

  1. 5.       Claiming you Organization page

It is possible to upgrade your LinkedIn account to a paid account, but right now that is unnecessary. Search “companies” and once on the page click on “admin tools” where you can edit the information about your company. Do not copy and paste your website information to your “about us” section, instead make it simply one paragraph. After that you can start adding products, edit profile, and post status updates on your company page.

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