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Linked In- Is it Suitable for your Nonprofit?

By Alexa Connelly
July 13, 2012

Did you know there is a professional social network for your companies? Linkedin.com is a great way to get your company seen and to let your audience know what is going on. This website will even help you with building up your company by supplying you with tips and what other companies did that worked and what didn’t work.To get started with LinkedIn you will need to :

  1. Go to linkedin.com and sign up by following the steps on the form
  2. Update your profile with your information
  3. Throw in a nice professional picture of you
  4. Add your company or companies
  5. Search around for great tips to help your company

It’s like a professional facebook for your company, so if you know how to get around facebook then this should be fairly simple. Just search around and you’ll find great information that will help improve your company and get your company out there even more.

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