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Managing Special Event RIsks: Planning for an Emergency

By Alexa Connelly
February 28, 2012

Special Events are one of top ways for a Non-profit Organization to raise funds.  Like many events, these special events are almost always unpredictable. It is beneficial to plan ahead and create risk management plans for different scenarios that may occur at your Non-profit Fundraising event.

Before an event, all possible emergencies should be thought of and an action plan should be created for each. An Emergency Response Team (ERT) and crisis management plans should be established. There should be a leader of the ERT and all other members need to know who this is in case of an emergency because that person makes the informed decision regarding how to act.  A small Non-profit event will only require two people who are first aid and CPR certified, but a larger and higher risk event will require more experienced medical personnel. All Non-profit Organization staff and volunteers need to know how to contact the ERT in case of emergency. If there is a cooking station, a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, and flashlight should be available close by. If there is a large crowd, a pre-event call to a fire department may be preventative.

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