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New Digital Insurance Office Q & A

By Alexa Connelly
June 24, 2011

Q: Why did Nonprofit Insurance Program design and create this “Digital Insurance Office(DIO)”?

A: First of all, people are so busy these days.  We know that many people are working all day, so not only do they not have much time, but for many people, the time they have available starts when most insurance agencies are closed.  So, we found a way to be available 24 hours a day.

Secondly, we know that people really care about protecting what’s most important to them.   Our Digital Insurance Office provides information that will help them make smart decisions.  And some of the information may actually prevent “bad things” from happening in the first place.

Q: How is your Digital Insurance Office different than a typical website?

A: Most insurance agency websites are all about the agency.  Our Digital Insurance Office is just like walking into our office and having immediate access to our Insurance Professionals.  It’s about protection – and saving money.  In other words, our DIO is about the consumer and taking care of the consumer.  It’s not about us.

Q: I see that there’s a lot of information about protection.  Why is that?

A: Two reasons.  Number one, if people have the wrong insurance or have gaps in their insurance, they could be exposing themselves and their families to hundreds of thousands of dollars in liability.  Getting the right protection is important, and most people have dangerous gaps.  Number two, the best scenario is if nothing bad happens.  More than anything, we want to help people prevent “bad things from happening.”

Q: If someone has a question about their protection or about saving money on their insurance, what should they do?

A: Our Insurance Professionals will work with them whether they’re a client or not.  They can always call us at (800)673-2558, or, of course, just visit our Digital Insurance Office at www.InsureANonprofit.com

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