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Non-Profit Fundraisers: What to Do?

By Alexa Connelly
January 09, 2012


Fundraising is one the top ways a Nonprofit Organization can increase funds for their cause.  Once your organization is ready to start fundraising and has established a fundraising chairperson, it is time to start brainstorming! There are many options and you may not have the space to hold an actual fundraising event.  To help limit the stress of picking and choosing, here are a few of the top items you can sell.

  1. Candy Bars
  2. Catalog Sales
  3. Cookie Dough
  4. Discount Cards
  5. Scratch Cards

Sometimes individuals participate in the fundraisers more because of what they get out of it. To increase sales, it is often a good idea to award your top sellers with prizes and other incentives. This helps to get volunteers excited about your fundraising products and increases competitiveness in a good way for a good cause.

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