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Nonprofit Boards: Managing their Responsibilities

By Alexa Connelly
October 11, 2012

Nonprofit Boards: Managing their Responsibility

A nonprofit agency is an organization that is governed by a board and managed by an Executive Director. The director oversees the daily responsibilities of the agency, along with the staff that is provided. Within the structure of an organization, there are policies and procedures which are in place to assist the agency in running effectively. The team that works for the agency should have an awareness of what the overall passion of the organization is and why it exists. A nonprofit agency does not receive profits directly. Most of the resources that the agency receives are through donation, fundraising or grant opportunities. The Nonprofit organization centers most of its efforts toward serving their targeted population or industry. Typically, you want to establish a Board of Directors from the community that you are going to serve. When you establish a board from the community they can speak on behalf of the agency.  Each member of the Board of Directors is symbolic of the personality of the organization. They are some of the first voices of an agency you hear and some of the first faces you see. Board members, act as tag team to assist the Executive Director and take the corporation to the next level. When board members are selected their duties and responsibilities should be outlined and explained. It is best that organization let board members know what is expected of them. Having a Board of Directors that understand their duties and the importance of their involvement is essential for a healthy board.

The Board of Directors should establish a positive connection with community leaders and have a solid relationship with other agencies to gain support in the community. As a board member, they should have their own area within the organization that they can concentrate on. When a board member has their own area to work on and each of these areas are brought together collectively, the team effort is accomplished. Additionally, each board member should adopt the visions and the goals of the organization. When a Board of Directors adheres to the beliefs of an organization the endeavors of the agency are accomplished. Having a board established helps the agency to meet their goals and brings success to the organization. The Board of a Nonprofit Organization are one of the keys of their success. A Nonprofit is a team effort, it requires individuals doing their part and as team accomplishing the vision and goals of the organization. Once you have established a supportive board, you can look at volunteers and staff to ensure the mission is followed through. Having man power to accomplish the work that is needed is vital to every successful organization. The staff and volunteers ensure all the plans and polices of the agency are implemented.

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