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Nonprofit Fundraising and How It Helps the Community

By Alexa Connelly
July 24, 2015

Non profit making organizations as the name suggests are organizations set up to assist specific special groups in the community where they operate. These organizations are governed by business practices only that they do not operate a profit and loss account but instead keep an income and expenditure account for accountability purposes.

The main purpose of nonprofit making organizations which can also be referred to as charitable organizations is to help meet the needs to special groups in the society, and these include, the elderly, orphaned children and the vulnerable population among others.

Since they do not carry out any profit making activities, nonprofit making organizations solely rely on donations to meet their expenses. This means that the initiators of these projects must be able to convince donors that they are working for the good of the community if they are to get any funding.

This explains why fundraising is a very integral part of the operations of any nonprofit making organization. To get the funding, one will need to present a proposal indicating their intended purpose, the targeted community, and the timeline within which they intend operate. Such proposals may win the organization donors, but this cannot be relied on as the only source of funding.

The other method that non profits can use to raise funds is by carrying out campaigns in the community and getting people to understand their mandate. This might bring their way well wishers who will increase further their funds accounts. Entertainment events can also be organized whereby attendees will be required to pay entrance fee or purchase attire in support of the cause. For effectiveness, these should be held annually and consistently for best results.

Fund raising for non profits has numerous benefits to the community, the first one being that the events organized will bring people together besides the main agenda of raising funds. The second and most important benefit is that the funds will go towards assisting groups of people with specials needs, something members of the community might not have managed without the support of the nonprofit organization.

In most cases, the people working in these organizations are usually volunteers and this means that a huge percentage of the monies collected from the fundraising are directed to their intended use making the vulnerable groups more comfortable.

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