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Paying your bills on time

By Alexa Connelly
December 21, 2012

It pays to be organized.  The more organized you are, the less money you spend on late fees or cancellation fees.  To organize your bill paying follow these steps.

1                 As soon as you receive your bills open them and place them in a place you have decided will be your bill inbox.

2                 Pick two times a month to pay bills.  The middle and the end of the month are good times.

3                 Divide your bills into two folders in your inbox by the two dates that you have decided to pay them by.

4                 Mark your calendar to remind yourself of the two dates that you have decided to pay your bills.

5                 On the dates that you have decided each month, pay your bills by check, credit card or money order and make a note on your copy of the check number, (or method payment was made), date and the amount paid.

6                 Place each bill with the correct check attached in an envelope and mail immediately to the correct address.  (Do this for each bill being paid.)

7                 File your copy away in a paid folder and keep for seven years

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