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Pool Safety with Children

By Alexa Connelly
July 24, 2012

Does your daycare have a pool that the children use or is nearby where children play? Although you may be aware of some pool safety tips, do you know specific pool safety tips for children? It is great for children to learn to swim at a young age, but this needs to be done in a cautious way, because one mistake can be very harmful to the children and your daycare. Follow these pool safety tips:

  • Supervision by and adult is a MUST. This supervision must be from an employee.
  • Post pool safety signs and talk to the children about the rules and make sure they understand them before they get near the pool.
  • If outdoor pool or if there are many windows, avoid swimming during a thunderstorm.
  • Make sure you know the depth of your pool.
  • Children should NEVER jump into the pool unless directed by a professional.
  • There should always be a barrier around the pool such as a fence or a gate.
  • Use inflatable toys and floats with caution.
  • Have a phone and emergency contact information nearby.
  • If the pool is not in use, the gate or fence should have a lock with an alarm

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