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Preventing Slips & Falls in your Nonprofit

By Alexa Connelly
November 05, 2012

The nonprofit sector sees a great deal of foot traffic; ranging from visitors to volunteers and employees. When any location has a high rate of foot traffic spills and falls can happen. While falls can be embarrassing and painful to the victim it can also spell disaster for nonprofit organizations. The best way to prevent problems stemming from slips and falls in a nonprofit organization is to prevent them from happening in the first place. We have gathered some tips and tricks that will keep people upright and on their feet and to keep nonprofits from dealing with the problems associated with having someone fall on the property.

Nonprofit fall prevention should follow the same guidelines as any other type of business. The first step is to review the OSHA regulations and ensure the property is within regulations. For example, OSHA requires all stairways to be equipped with railings. Standard railings can help prevent people from falling down steps and injuring themselves. Railings should be securely fixed to the wall and, in spaces where it is not possible to affix railings permanently, removable railings must be made available. Railings must cover all exposed sides of the stairway.

Aside from the mandated OSHA regulations there is a great deal that can be done to prevent slips and falls within a nonprofit setting. The most effective means of nonprofit fall prevention is to ensure the floor is clear of debris and liquid. Any spills should be cleaned up promptly and signs warning people of slippery or wet floors should be posted.

Doorways, footpaths and isles should be clear of all debris. Wires should be secured against the wall and should never block a pathway. Most importantly non-slip carpets should be employed to keep both visitors and staff safe. Many of the slip and fall accidents that occur are due to debris being on the floor. Boxes, paperwork, and even equipment can often clutter isle space as workers make their way through their daily routine. While it is understandable that many workers find themselves rushed during the day it is never acceptable for carelessness to occur. A great way to prevent these accidents is to clear the pathways and talk to all workers about the importance of ensuring that all debris is kept away from pathways.

Nonprofit fall prevention should also take into account the equipment and clothing options of its employs. While it is impossible for a nonprofit to suggest its patrons dress in a certain manner workers can be asked to use non-slip footwear that fall in line with OSHA standards. This can help prevent employ injuries. Non-slip shoes and non-slip flooring, actually, can prevent the majority of slip and fall injuries that take place within the nonprofit sector.

Slip and fall accidents occur in all workplaces and public spaces; however they can be prevented. The main goal of nonprofit fall prevention should be to ensure that all parties; be it employees or patrons are comfortable, safe and well cared for while on the property. These fall prevention tips can help to ensure that and can be extremely beneficial to the state of a nonprofit organizations insurance rates.

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