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Procedures in your Nonprofit Organization

By Alexa Connelly
February 16, 2012

Creating procedures is a vital part of the processes when a Nonprofit Organization is first planned, designed, and launched.  Too often, procedures are long forgotten after the Nonprofit Organization is up and running and volunteers start to deter from their procedure manual.  When volunteers and employees stray from the procedures set forth for them, the Nonprofit Organization can suffer some financial hardship from increase in costs and decrease in efficiency and productivity.

What does this mean for your Nonprofit Organization?

It is time to implement a NEW procedure!  Start auditing your procedures and the volunteers methods of completing tasks.  Set aside 2 hours per week where you can “shadow” a volunteer or employee.  Take notes and answer the following questions:

  1. Are they following the published procedures?
  2. Is their procedure costing the Nonprofit Organization more money?
  3. Is their procedure saving the Nonprofit money?
  4. Would this method be beneficial to the overall culture of the Nonprofit Organization?

Once you start to audit procedures in your organization, you will be able to pinpoint extravagant costs and determine where there is room for improvement and cost savings.



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