Archived Nonprofit Newsletters

Nonprofit Insurance Program

Archived Nonprofit Newsletters


2016 Nonprofit Insurance Service Newsletters

February – How To Do A Direct Mailing In Your Area

April – Understanding Your Insurance Policy

June – Protecting Your Nonprofit and Volunteers from Driving Risks

2015 Nonprofit Insurance Service Newsletters

February – Winter Safety for Volunteers

June – How To Properly Recognize Your Donor

August – Using Visual Content to Boost Blog Traffic

October – Writing a Winning Mission Statement

December – The Importance of a Volunteer Handbook

2014 Nonprofit Insurance Service Newsletters

February – How to Successfuly Ask for Donations for Your Nonprofit

June – How to Write a Nonprofit Mission Statement

October – Why are Safety Inspections Important For Nonprofits

December – What Should Your Fire Safety Plan Include?

2013 Nonprofit Insurance Service Newsletters

February – Race to Fundraising

April – Appreciate Your Donors & Supporters

June – Race to Fundraising

August – Fundraising Chain

October – Where to Find Valuable Board Members

December – How to Keep Great Volunteers

2012 Nonprofit Insurance Program Newsletter

February – Nonprofit Safety Rules: Easy Implementation

April – Cyber Liability Insurance

June – 5 Tips to a Better Fundraising Plan

August – Cyber Liability Insurance

October – 5 Websites Every Nonprofit Should be Using

December – Are You Protected Against Employee/Volunteer Claims?

2011 Nonprofit Insurance Program Newsletters

April – Director and Officer Exposures: Protecting Your Organization

June – What is an Incident?

August – Incident Reporting: Guidelines to Follow

October – Reviewing Incident Report Data

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