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Nonprofit Safety Rules


A nonprofit organization’s primary objectives are to ensure the safety and health of our volunteers,  employees, clients, and children, and to protect company property. Our goal is to provide safe and healthful working and volunteer conditions for all employees and safe and healthy living conditions for all clients and children.

Safety rules have been developed with input from supervision and employees. While held to a minimum, the rules address behaviors and work practices that can lead to accidents and injuries.

Each employee and client should become familiar with and follow general and departmental safety rules. Supervisors must enforce safe work practices through strict adherence to safety rules.

Most accidents can be prevented if everyone uses assigned safety equipment and follows the established safety rules. To operate a safe and successful business, we must work as a team to THINK SAFE, WORK SAFE, LIVE SAFE AND BE SAFE.

Communication of Safety Rules

Communication of safety rules is accomplished by:

  •  Discussion during New Hire/Volunteer Orientation
  •  Published in the New Hire Orientation / Safety Manual
  •  Posting throughout the organization
  •  Annual refresher training every October for all employees and volunteers
  •  On-the-spot corrections and reinforcement by supervisors

Additional Operating Safety Rules

The company has additional safety rules for specific operations and departments that apply to those engaged in higher risk operations. Examples of these rules are contained in other safety manual chapters and standard operating procedures such as those for:

  •   Personal safety
  •   Passive restraint training
  •   Preventing disease transmission
  •   Food service training
  •   Child care guidelines and safety
  •   Transportation safety

Posting of General Safety Rules

General safety rules will be posted in conspicuous areas at all locations.


  1. Report all work injuries and illnesses immediately to the following people:
  2. RESIDENTIAL CENTERS:  Report all injuries to the Center Director or Associate Director, who will then report to The Director of Operations  (See Policy Memo #15a).
  3. COMMUNITY COMPONENT:  Report all injuries to your supervisor and the Director of Operations (See Policy memo #15b).
  4. Report all unsafe acts or unsafe conditions to your supervisor
  5. Use seat belts when on company business in any vehicles
  6. Firearms, weapons, or explosives are not permitted on company property.
  7. Use, possession, sale or being under the influence of illegal drugs, misuse of prescription drugs and/or alcohol is not permitted on company property or while “on duty”.
  8. Only authorized and trained employees may repair or adjust machinery and equipment.
  9. Only qualified and trained employees may work on or near exposed energized electrical parts or electrical equipment. Follow electrical safety rules when working with electrically powered machinery and equipment.
  10. Only authorized and trained employees of the residential centers or the child care facility may dispense drugs/medication of any kind.
  11. Keep work areas clean and aisles clear. Do not block emergency equipment of exits.
  12. Wear and use the prescribed personal protective safety equipment.  This includes foot protection, head protection, gloves, etc.
  13. Smoking is permitted only in the designated “Smoking Areas”.
  14. All employees must be familiar with child abuse and criminal conduct laws and their reporting procedures.
  15. Failure to follow the above rules may cause serious injury and/or illness. Disciplinary action, up to and including termination, will be used to assure rule enforcement. Please use common sense and think before you act. If you are not sure how to complete a job or task safely or have any questions, ask your supervisor.

These Safety Guidelines are provided free of charge by Nonprofit Insurance Program.

Click here to download a pdf version of these Safety Guidelines.

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