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Nonprofit Social Media Policies

Nonprofit Organization Social Media Posting Policies

Protect your Nonprofit Organization from Cyber Liability Claims

With the popularity of social media websites continuing to rise, it is important for nonprofit organizations that utilize social media to implement and create a posting and commenting policy for fans and supporters to follow. A commenting and posting policy should address the following main topics:

  1. What is acceptable to post on the public page
  2. What is not acceptable to post on the public page
  3. What happens when these rules are violated
  4. Appreciation for your nonprofit followers continued support and commitment
  5. How to file a complaint

Sample Nonprofit Social Media Policy

This nonprofit organization is committed to helping the local communities by providing needed services to better improve the local quality of life. We work within the United States to help all communities.

This page is for the supporters of the nonprofit organization, and we welcome an open discussion and invite you to share your opinion on the issues we face. By becoming a follower of our page, you agree to our commenting and posting policy outlined below.

This nonprofit organization reserves the right to delete posts or comments on our page that contain the following:

  1. Profanity
  2. Misinformation – cite your sources
  3. Spam
  4. Irrelevant information
  5. Personal attacks against fellow community members
  6. Attacks against the nonprofit organization
  7. Personal attacks against board members
  8. Promoting violence
  9. Discussion of illegal activities
  10. Rallying on behalf of other groups whose beliefs are in opposition of our own
  11. If you violate this policy, you will be removed from the nonprofit online community.We understand that in an open discussion there will be disagreements, but we expect our community members to be respectful of one another.

    We appreciate your continued support and cooperation of this social media commenting policy. If you have any questions, please email us directly.

    If you have a complaint to file about a fellow community member, please email the nonprofit organization directly.

Download a copy of the Nonprofit Social Media Marketing Posting Policy.

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