Sample Cell Phone Policy for Nonprofits

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Sample Cell Phone Policy for Nonprofits

Cell Phone Policy Sample

This nonprofit organization understands that volunteers and employees utilize cell phones and other handheld devices in their daily lives to keep in contact with family, friends, and colleagues. As a family-focused organization we respect this, but there are a few guidelines to keep in mind while at the workplace.

  • A. Cell Phone Use in the Workplace – Personal cell phones should not be used in the workplace. Your focus and attention is needed to assist in our daily nonprofit operations. Using personal cell phones and taking personal calls during work and volunteer hours puts yourself, other volunteers and employees, and the nonprofit organization supporters at risk. Please refrain from taking any personal calls, text messages, or emails during working or volunteer hours. If you need an exception granted, you must first receive permission from your manager or supervisor.
  • B. Cell Phone Use While Driving a Company Vehicle – Cell phones and other handheld devices are not permitted to be used while driving nonprofit organization vehicles or your personal vehicle during volunteer or working hours. Using cell phones and other handheld devices puts you and our local community in great danger. If you are seen using a cell phone or other handheld device while driving, you will be placed on 30-day probation
  • C. Personal use of Nonprofit Owned Cell Phones – If you have been issued a company cell phone, this phone is to be used for the nonprofit organization business calls ONLY . The monthly bill will be audited to assure this is the case. Company-issued cell phones and handheld devices should never be used while driving a vehicle and should only be used in the workplace with your supervisor’s permission.

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