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Safe & Fun Winter Fundraising

By Alexa Connelly
October 08, 2012

Fundraising is a vital part of nonprofits continuing the beneficial services they offer their communities. Often times fundraising comes to a halt during winter months leaving many nonprofits to struggle until the warm weather returns. Just because it’s chilly outside does not mean that the fundraising should stop. In fact, there are many different fundraisers that are perfect for the winter season.

What is a very famous holiday that is in winter? That’s right, Christmas, this means that you can host a fundraiser that sells holiday items, host a Christmas bazaar, or collect donations by checking with different companies to see if they will allow you to stand outside and ring a bell for donations. Consider posting Christmas pictures of how you help, for example, if you are an animal rescue, consider posting Christmas pictures of animals in a Santa hat, it is cute so it will attract people to you. Of course, Christmas is not all winter long so what else can you do? There are also plenty of companies like Wolfgang candy, earth candles, etc. that donate a certain percent to your nonprofit and make great gifts which will entice your supporters to participate. Another great idea for fundraising is partnering with restaurants so on a certain date and time a percent of all of their proceeds will go to your nonprofit. If you want to host a fundraising event in winter consider hosting an ice skating party, cardboard sledding, movie night, or zumbathon. These are all great ideas to get a little cool and stay a little warm during the cold winter months.

For more information on successful fundraising for your nonprofit, visit our nonprofit fundraising center [KF1] for tips, ideas, and safely precautions to consider for your next special event or fundraiser.

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