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Safety Guidelines for Nonprofit Organizations

By Alexa Connelly
September 02, 2011

A Nonprofit Organization’s primary objectives are to ensure the safety and health of our Volunteers,  Employees, Clients, Children, and to protect company property. Our goal is to provide safe and healthful working & volunteer conditions for all employees and safe and healthful living conditions for all clients and children.

Safety Rules have been developed with input from Supervision and Employees. While held to a minimum, the rules address behaviors and work practices that can lead to accidents and injuries.

Each Employee and client should become familiar with and follow General and Departmental Safety Rules. Supervisors must enforce Safe Work practices through strict adherence to Safety Rules.

Most accidents can be prevented if everyone uses assigned safety equipment and follows the established safety rules. To operate a safe and successful business, we must work as a team to THINK SAFE, WORK SAFE, LIVE SAFE AND BE SAFE.

For the rest of the article on Safety Guidelines, please visit our website at www.InsureaNonprofit.com.

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