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Safety Signs Every Nonprofit Should Have

By Alexa Connelly
July 15, 2013

You may be wondering about nonprofit safety, and you’re surely not alone in this concern. Nonprofits should always post safety signs to let their employees and customers know what is going on within the work space, and this also largely depends on what type of nonprofit one is dealing with. If you have restricted areas in your nonprofit, safety comes first–you should always post a “caution” sign to make sure that employees know to avoid the restricted area. You may, instead, want to post a “restricted” sign, in case you are working with sensitive materials or using machines or other items that could be dangerous or a health hazard.

All nonprofit safety also depends on having a good, strong fire alarm. A nonprofit will want to post a “fire alarm” sign over this alarm, so that, in case of fire, the alarm will be easy to locate. In many areas of work, a nonprofit will be large enough to need more than one fire alarm, thus needing to provide more than one “fire alarm” sign. Signs should also be posted that let employees know about specific hazards, such as “hazardous waste” signs, “eye wash” signs, and signs letting employees know where there is the caution needed to take with a forklift or other machine. It’s very important to use all of these signs to let employees know about potential hazards, and signs are available at http://www.mysafetysign.com/?engine=msnadcenter&keyword=Safety+Signs.

In addition, there may be seasonal or fluctuating sings that are required. Signs warning of a wet floor, of ice and snow, and of private areas are also available and can be made easily from the link listed above. If you are interested in nonprofit safety, you’ll want to be aware of all of the necessary signs that you may need in order to run you’re nonprofit to the best of your abilities. Remember, a warning heeded is better than an accident or mistake with more costly results and effects. Be sure to use the right safety signs for your nonprofit, and get going with them today.

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