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Sample Cell Phone Policies for your Nonprofit Organization

By Alexa Connelly
February 02, 2012

Operating a Nonprofit Organization can be a stressful role to take on.  Along with it comes worrying about the Nonprofit’s donation income, the wellbeing of volunteers and employees and the overall structure of the day to day operations.  Finding ways to save money is always a plus. Did you know that cell phone usage during working and volunteer hours can cost your Nonprofit Organization a great deal of money, time, and put you at risk?

We have our cell phones with us almost all the time, they’re ringing, vibrating, and beeping constantly, but the worst part is that they are distracting employees with texts for plans later that night, facebook, twitter, and other social networks. Creating and endorsing a cell phone policy for your Nonprofit organization might be necessary. It is important to understand that emergencies happen, so explain to your employees that you may be reached by your work phone in case of emergency. A well thought out cell phone usage policy will address serious issues concerning the safety, security, and privacy of cell phone usage.

When creating a cell phone usage policy for your Nonprofit organization, here are some guidelines:

  1. You need an introduction that explains the general purpose of the policy.
  2. Section 1 should include general use at work, unsafe work situations, and using while driving.
  3. Section 2 should contain personal use of company – owned cell phones.
  4. Section 3 should include the review of monthly charges for cell phones given by the work place
  5. Section 4 should state that the management should set a good example for other employees through not using their cell phones at work.

Once you get through all of these sections you are able to set up a policy and have each employee sign it stating that they agree with the terms of the cell phone usage in the work place. Remember, you are not only keeping them from being distracted by this, you are also saving them from potential dangers.


To save you time, visit our Nonprofit Research Center for a sample cell phone policy.

Please note that all policies found in the research center are to be used as a general guideline only.


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