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Security Breach

By Alexa Connelly
May 23, 2012

Security breaches can happen all of the time with big and small businesses if you do not take the correct precautions. You must be sure that your organization is compliant with legal requirements regarding data destruction policies. Some ways to increase awareness around legal data security policies include getting informed, staying informed, making sure you have formal information security policies in place with trained employees, limiting the number of people who handle the confidential documents, and demonstrating a top-management commitment to the total security of your business and customer information.

Keeping your business information secure is very important, so you need to make sure you trust and really know the employees that handle this information. To keep away from the risks of a data security breach consider adopting a “shred-all policy” which means that all unwanted documents are shredded and destroyed, a periodic information security audit, avoid overlooking hard drives on computers or photocopiers, and hire a reliable vendor.

A recent survey in Canada found that 36% of small businesses staff have never been trained. Safeguarding data is important and does not have to be burdensome. Just make sure that you are shredding confidential data, have a locked confidential paper receptacle in your office, and limit physical access to storage closets and online access to sensitive files. By taking all of these steps and reviewing and making the security policies better can help protect your Adult Care Home in the long run.

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