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Should Nonprofits Drug Screen Voluteers?

By Cheyenne Gladfelter
February 27, 2014

Nonprofit organizations are the backbone of a modern society often picking up where the state leaves off. Every year countries, communities and millions of people receive the services of a non profit and volunteer organizations. It is hard to imagine the kind of world we would live in without the enthusiasm of so many individuals who give their time, talents, and money for the benefit others.
Should nonprofits drug screen their volunteers?
Should nonprofits drug screen and do background checks on their volunteers who give up their time and resources freely. Is it asking too much to screen volunteers?
Is drug screening is morally correct?
Non-profit organizations need to be diligent when it comes to drug screening and background checks. Unfortunately, we cease to live in a world where a gut feeling about a volunteer’s integrity will be enough. The truth is your organization survives on the good will and funds from others. Therefore the nonprofit has a duty to ensure that each volunteer is drug free and of good character. Each volunteer needs to possess the character to safeguard the organization and people it serves.
Why test a volunteer for drugs
Drug screening is essential in an environment where one incident could both put your organization at risk of losing hard won reputation and possible legal action. Workplace safety is one reason for volunteer drug testing. Organizations that require volunteers to drive, or work with vulnerable people and children often require drug testing for the safety of everyone involved. Random drug testing is administered to protect volunteers and the general public.
Drugs and substance is a major problem that can have devastating effects on a nonprofit organization. Research shows volunteers with a drug habit have higher accident rates and tend to be unreliable. Drug checks are quick and effective can help to ensure each volunteer is drug and alcohol free.

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