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Show Appreciation for your Nonprofit’s Donors

By Alexa Connelly
September 06, 2012

Donors support your nonprofit organization because they like and support what you stand for and they feel as though you are making a difference in the community or the world.It is important to you’re your donors appreciation and gratitude but is not always easy to brainstorm ideas on how to do that. Often times when I have donated to national nonprofit organizations in the past, I receive a thank you gift in return like a umbrella or notebook.  While I appreciated these gifts, I always wished that the money used to purchase them would have been given to the research fund instead.

The biggest way to thank them is to prove to them that they have made a difference. Tell your donors (in the form of a newsletter or e-mail) how you have made a difference in a certain community, person or animals life. Tug on their heartstrings, its okay, that will make them happier that helped support your nonprofit organization.  Facts and statistics are another way to show your donors how much they have made a difference. Share with them the effectiveness of your work and how much your organization has accomplished.

Get creative with other ways you can thank your donors. If you own a daycare, have the kids put their finger prints on a scroll of paper with a message that says thank you and send that to the donors. Recognizing and thanking your donors is very important, no matter which field you’re in, this will keep them donating and trusting your organization even more.

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