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Social Media: Avoid the Risks of Misspeaking

By Alexa Connelly
November 27, 2012

Media training is not usually part of the curriculum, however there are tricks to getting your point across and staying on track without someone twisting what you have to say. Plan for the interview and prepare what you will say related to the specific topic. Never do an interview without preparation! Remember, you don’t have to do an interview; it’s your option. If it is a topic you are not comfortable with don’t risk it. Develop your key message, and if lead astray bring the conversation back to this point. Short and simple sentences are best to keep you on topic. Don’t let the reporter put words in your mouth, but make sure your idea is clearly expressed. Reporters often say, “So what you’re saying is…, ” if it’s not 100% what you mean correct them. An interviewer will often throw in awkward pauses to make you nervous and speak more, but anticipate the pause and stop when you have no more to say. Nothing you say to a reporter is off the record. Don’t say it if you don’t want it repeated.

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