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Special Event Liability for Nonprofits

By Alexa Connelly
February 15, 2012

Is your non-profit organization hosting a charitable fundraiser? Will alcohol be served at this event? Does your liability policy cover liquor liability? These are all questions that should be answered prior to hosting a special even t that involves alcohol. If you opt to hold a function that involves alcohol there is no reason to be concerned. Contact your insurance agent and let them know that you need to obtain special event liability for an event you will be hosting.

Special Events liability will cover intoxicated or underage attendees, the actions of those selling/serving the alcohol for you, if someone trips and falls at the event, property damage to the place the event is being hosted at, or medical expenses incurred by those who may have suffered food poisoning. Why pay hundreds-of-thousands to resolve an incident that occurred at your special event when you can purchase coverage for a few hundred?

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