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Steps to Take When Reporting An Incident

By Alexa Connelly
June 24, 2016

Even with all the proper planning and procedures in place to minimize risk, incidents can still occur that need reported to the insurance company and/or agent. It is best to have an incident reporting procedure in place ahead of time that your volunteers and staff have been trained on and can easily implement in those moments.

1.Gather Basic Information. Answer these questions: Who was involved?, When did it happen?, and Where did it happen?.
2.Gather Witness Statements. Request any witnesses write down the facts of what happened (no opinions) and document their full names and contact information.
3.Summarize. Create a summary with the facts received including were there any injuries, what caused the incident and what happened afterwards.
4.Medical Party. If an individual was injured and received medical attention, document their office information and contact information so medical records can be requested by the insurance carrier if necessary.
5.Contact Agent/Company. Contact your insurance agent or company and submit the incident documentation to them directly.

Making sure you have a plan in place and a checklist of which information is important will help assure that no information is missed during these stressful moments.

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