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Successful Social Meda Strategy and Tactics

By Alexa Connelly
August 14, 2015

Social media is now becoming the most powerful tool in the marketing world. Many companies use them to build a strong relationship with the customers. Nonprofits and social service organizations can also use this tool too. How can a nonprofit successfully promote the organization through social media?

If you’re looking for more website visitors, you should link your website directly from the social media updates. For example, you can post a blog about your organization’s previous project and post the link on Twitter. This way, the audience can see and get to know your organization. They can put their trust in you, and participate more, either donating money or sharing your work in their social media.

You can also make a hashtag related to your organization or your project to make it viral. Once it becomes viral, it’s easier for the audience to follow up, because you already have the hashtag. Hashtags can also invite people outside your audience to take a peek on your projects.

Create an eye-catching content to attract more audience. You can use research data regarding your cause to make a captivating infographics. These infographics must be as resourceful and insightful as possible, so that people will benefit from sharing them over the Internet.

Or use your previous project’s documentations, such as photos and videos, to make a video. Then share it to persuade people to participate in your cause. It will be more effective rather than explaining your project in an article that contains many paragraphs.

Respond to your audience. Make them feel appreciated by replying their comments or their tweets. If they’re feeling ignored, they won’t be around for long. Don’t forget to reply to negative comments too, and take them as feedback to improve your organization.

And the most important thing is to always maintain your social media channels. Update your activities, take a photo of your current project, and tell stories of the people involved in your project. Make your supporter feel heard and close with your organization.

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