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Summertime Fundraising Ideas

By Cheyenne Gladfelter
April 14, 2014

Summer is an excellent time for fundraising because students are out of school, are looking for things to do, and are available to take part, along with adult volunteers, in whatever event is decided upon.
There are many summertime activities that lend themselves to fundraising. Let your creativity have a field day and come up with something that is inexpensive to put on and yet should be popular enough to get the attention of those who will be happy to donate to the cause your organization has chosen.
Lemonade Stand
In the never-ending heat of summer, hardly anyone could resist buying a cup of cool, refreshing lemonade. Pick a busy corner or outside a shopping center or in the parking lot of a cooperating business. Add some homemade cookies or fresh fruit or perhaps ice cream bars kept in a cooler with dry ice to create extra sales. Set up a sign to let people know what the money raised is going to be used for.
Pie Eating Contest
Have volunteers bake a large variety of pies and have a contest with each entrant paying a fee, which will be a donation. If you want to, you can have a separate table with the best pies that can be sold instead of thrown!
Dog Contest and a Dog Wash
Get local press coverage for an upcoming ugly dog competition or perhaps  a contest where owners dress up their dogs.Also offer a low-cost dog wash on the same premises so that you will have two different ways to make money for your good cause.
Car Wash
These are always popular and are not expensive to arrange because they just demand running water, sponges, lots of soap, and volunteers to do the washing. A school or public parking lot is a good choice as well as one at a religious institution. Of course, get any necessary permissions ahead of time.
Water Balloon Fight
You can charge for each water balloon in a free-for-all or for each team that is set up for a limited time of throwing or for each throw at a volunteer who is willing to be the target. Make extra money by selling popcorn, drinks and other goodies

For more information on successful fundraisers, visit our nonprofit fundraising center.

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