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Surviving a Crisis-part one

By Alexa Connelly
July 03, 2012

The trick to surviving a crisis is to plan for it so you aren’t caught off guard if an incident happens. There are twelve steps to help you survive a crisis but six will be discussed today.

  1. Identify circumstances that could cause a crisis in your facility. This may be past experiences, crises other similar organizations have suffered, relationships with other faculties, and the nature of your services and clients.
  2. Create a directory with all contact information for every staff and volunteer.
  3. Backup you computer, software, and databases at least once weekly.
  4. Conduct an inventory of your nonprofit’s assets including equipment, furniture, records, and software.
  5. Find a legal adviser close by that you can call upon regularly for advice.
  6. Formulate a crisis communication plan by answering who, how, what, and who. Who will speak for your nonprofit? How will the mission be described? What will you use to contact personnel? Who will be in charge of contacting key personnel?

These are first 6 steps to helping your Nonprofit Organization survive a crisis, make sure you return next week for the final steps.

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