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Surviving a Crisis- part two

By Alexa Connelly
July 10, 2012

Last week we gave you the first six tools to creating a crisis management plan for your Nonprofit Organization.  Have you completed these steps yet?  If you have not or if you missed that post make sure you read it in conjunction with todays steps.

  1.  Practice communicating during a crisis by drafting key crisis communication documents. A summary statement explains what happened, what you’re doing, and how the organization feels. CAREFUL the press can twist your words when they read this. A question and answer fact sheet can be provided to the spokesperson, so obscured information isn’t released.
  2.  Prepare a media kit and draft a media contact strategy. The media kit provides background data on your organization, and the media contact strategy is a plan to keep media informed during a crisis.
  3. Review your insurance program instead of assuming you’ll be covered during a crisis.
  4. Form a crisis response team.
  5. Document your plans in a Crisis Management Manual in a simple and easy reading format.
  6. Review your performance before the crisis has faded away.


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