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Tech Tools for Nonprofits – Communicating More Effectively

By Alexa Connelly
May 29, 2013

Sometimes when working with a nonprofit, you may need services that the budget cannot allow at this time. Don’t fret; there are free nonprofit resources that you can utilize.  You can find telephone services to social media resources that can enhance your services as a nonprofit.


Free Conference calls

Going to www.freeconferencecalls.com will allow the nonprofit to schedule calls with your clients or even other nonprofits to pull a group of people together to have a meeting. This service will allow you to connect not only with your staff, but also other businesses, volunteers, and your clients.  This service is also free, so if your budget doesn’t allow for it, your nonprofit can still utilize this service.


Free social media

Social media is now the way to advertise your business and to capture people who are interested in what your organization will provide.  There are many free sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These free nonprofit resources will help market your organization and it won’t cost you nothing, but time. These sites are also relatively easy to acquire and maintain, but most of all they are free.



Google is another internet based vehicle that would be a free nonprofit resource that has many services from email to storage space.  Google has a free email system and once you make an email, other services also become available to you.  They offer free websites, free virtual storage, and the ability to share large documents, and documents that several people may be working on; this makes things very easy when working on limited budgets. With a little research, you will find many free nonprofit resources.


Low cost services

Depending on what services or needs of the nonprofit, some other services that are low cost, are Echosign.com and EventBrite.com.  These can be very useful when you need a signature from someone not in your immediate are.  This has a low cost, and maybe something the nonprofit can afford. The service of Eventbrite works with events, and selling tickets and the like. This service will take their fee from the sale of the tickets to an event.


When your nonprofit has limited budget, look for free nonprofit resources or services and products online. This is an advantage that many nonprofits didn’t have 10 or 15 years ago.  The internet is making business services more accessible and affordable.

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