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Thank You Letter Do’s and Don’ts

By Alexa Connelly
July 03, 2015

Appreciating Your Donors

Non profit organizations often host yard and bake sales, special dinners, and auctions, which are usually funded by non profit donations. As an organization, it is important to properly thank those who provide non profit donations to your cause so that they feel appreciated and may be more likely to donate in the future.

Do’s of Writing a Thank You Letter

  • Writing and sending a thank you letter in a timely matter is perhaps the most important part of thanking those who provide your organization with non profit donations. Thank you letters are easy to push to the side, so it is important to write and send them right away. It shows enthusiasm and appreciation to be prompt in this task.
  • Making a thank you letter personal shows thoughtfulness. Handwriting a note is a great way to show thanks, but for a more professional thank you, a typed letter with a handwritten signature will suffice. Addresses should always be handwritten.
  • Descriptions can make or break a thank you letter. It is important to be prompt in a thank you letter, but it is also important to be sincere and not send all contacts the same general letter. Providing a unique and personal letter can build a strong relationship between those who provide non profit donations and the non profit organizations receiving those donations.
  • Double check spelling and grammar when writing thank you letters. Mistakes in these two areas shows unprofessionalism and gives off an unappreciative vibe. Taking the time to fix mistakes shows thoughtfulness and competence.

Don’ts of Writing a Thank You Letter

  • Forgetting to write a thank you letter is a huge mistake. It is extremely negligent and can make donors feel unappreciated and forgotten and cause them to sway from thinking of you in the future when it comes to donating to non profit organizations.
  • Pre-writing thank you letters saves time, but it takes away from the relationship with important people. Pre-written letters are unfitting for most non profit organizations.
  • Speed writing can cause unwanted mistakes. Don’t write thank you letters so quickly that you miss elementary mistakes, such as improperly used words or grammar.
  • Over-thinking a thank you letter can make it sound insincere. Finding the perfect wording is not necessary, as long as the general concept is there. Trying too hard can lead to fake sounding letters, which is not professional.


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