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Thank Your Donors This Holiday Season

By Alexa Connelly
December 30, 2016

Where would you be without your donors? Without their help and support throughout the year, it’s next to impossible to carry out your mission. The holidays are an important time of year for nonprofits – charitable giving reaches an all time high. Nonprofits ramp up their fundraising campaigns to make the most of it but they sometimes overlook showing appreciation to all of their donors.

Thank your donors

Taking the time to show appreciation to your donors may seem like a time-consuming project. It doesn’t have to be. Here are five ways to thank your donors this holiday season.

  1. Create a gratitude video. Creating videos sounds difficult and high-tech, but it really is not. Take the time to put together a video thanking your donors and share it on your website and social media accounts. The video can include a personal message from you, names of donors, and snapshots of individuals you helped throughout the year. Make the video about the great work your donors accomplished through their support.
  2. Host an appreciation event. Invite the top ten percent of your donors to attend an appreciation event (where no donations will be requested). Use the event to give your donors a behind the scenes look at your organization by giving them a tour and answering their questions. Taking time out of the busy holiday season to focus on your donors reinforces your gratitude. The event makes donors feel important and increases the likelihood they donate next year.
  3. Send an annual Christmas letter. Craft an annual Christmas letter that highlights the organization’s success stories. Include details on the number of individuals helped and how along with the amount of donations you received. Providing donors with confirmation their money was used effectively increases their trust in your nonprofit.
  4. Share appreciation online. Show them appreciation by thanking them online during the holiday season. Include a special page on your website listing each of your donors from the year. Share this information on your social media accounts as well.
  5. Send a yearly newsletter. Take the Christmas letter one step further by creating a yearly newsletter. Include a thank you note on the first page of the newsletter. Fill the remaining pages with pictures of your volunteers at work throughout the year and photos and stories of those you helped. Include details on how your donations were dispersed and highlight upcoming events and changes.

Thanking your donors during the busy holiday season is something they will remember in the New Year. Take the time to show appreciation using one of these ideas.

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