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The Importance of Gaining Your Community’s Trust

By Alexa Connelly
July 29, 2013

As a nonprofit organization, you will want to earn the trust of those in the community.  Once you have the trust of the people who live, work and play in the community where you are located, you will garner a greater deal of support for any causes that you support or projects that you tackle.  Trust is a combination of a few different components, so once you master those components, your nonprofit organization will be on its way to success in the community.

Credibility is the manner in which people perceive what you say.  If you say something about your organization, you need to make sure you stick by what you say.  Don’t leave anything up for interpretation about who you are or what you stand for as a nonprofit organization.

The manner in which people perceive your actions is reliability.  If you say one thing and do another, people will assume you are unreliable and stray away from your cause.  You need to be truthful about what you have to offer the community around you.

People want to feel safe and secure about supporting your business.  A sense of intimacy is imperative in building your business up and promoting a sense of what you stand for and what you can do for the community.  When people entrust your organization to do something, you need to make sure they feel confident in doing so.

Strive to form an organization that is intimate, reliable and credible.  Focus on others over yourself.  In doing so, you will build a sense of trust and form a long-term relationship with everyone around you.  Doing everything you can to show that you are loyal, trustworthy and dependable is imperative to the success of your organization as a whole.

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