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The Right Tools to Help You Manage Your Projects

By Alexa Connelly
August 12, 2015

Different non-profits have different budgets and different goals that they seek to accomplish. However, they all have some basic needs that must be fulfilled for their growth. Since they often manage multiple projects, they need efficient practices that will save time and money. There are some project management software tools that will effectively guide you through this. So if you are looking for some help in managing your projects, here are a few tools that can come to your aid.

  • Basecamp – If you need to set up a project quickly, Basecamp is the thing for you. It is user-friendly and has a simple setup. You can keep a to-do list, assign tasks and can even upload documents. It is not very strong when it comes to email and other notifications, but it does offer flexibility when it comes to dealing with projects while traveling.
  • Central Desktop – With this software, you can view each project like a dashboard. You can create spreadsheets and other documents within the tool itself. Users can track their projects and even organize individual work spaces into user-defined groups. Thus allowing you to collaborate smoothly on projects.
  • Zoho Projects – This allows you to manage your teams, volunteers and projects all from one dashboard. It is all centralized so you can easily view tasks, meetings, notes and more. You can also create documents, make reports and recruit people through this.
  •  Wunderlist- This to-do list management tool helps you manage tasks by creating sub-tasks, setting sure dates, adding reminders. You can also receive notifications on completion of projects. It can be conveniently accessed, managed and executed from anywhere.

If you are working for or heading a non-profit organization, you will be aware of the different projects that they work on, such as raising funds, garnering donations or volunteers, spreading the word through social media and so on. By making use of such tools, you will be more capable of managing your many projects.

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