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Three Unique Ways to Show Appeciation to Donors

By Alexa Connelly
March 11, 2013

Three unique ways to show appreciation to donors

There are many non-profit organizations out there finding the reluctance of businesses in donating money to their causes. What they may fail to understand, though, is that they do not show appreciation to their donors to keep them contributing in kind or through money donations. There are several ways of ensuring that your donors keep coming. Here are some of the three unique ways of showing your appreciation.

One of the best ways of showing appreciation to your sponsors is by making their donation public. Most of them want recognition and calling one or two press releases would be enough. You should take photographs of the donation ceremony and make the public know of their good deeds. Using the media to thank the people who have donated money to your organization is also a useful channel in getting more sponsors and making your cause known to the public.

Making the members of your organization know about the donors and their contribution is also another way of thanking them. You can email your staff or pin the piece of information on your notice boards for all to see. The members of your organization can also pass the information around and get the whole community to appreciate the good work done by the sponsors.

Though writing a personal letter to your sponsors and thanking them for their donations would suffice as a way of showing appreciation, you may want to invite them to your annual general meeting. After making progress or completing the intended project, you can also invite them to a ceremony of the same and thank them publicly. This is a great way of letting the donors know of the good work their money was used to accomplish. It also gives the community a chance to appreciate the sponsors personally. You may find more sponsors will contribute if they see the good work you have done through their donation.

If your donors seem to go away after their first donation, you might consider using these three unique ways of showing appreciation to bring them back. The simple act of saying thank you can make your organization grow beyond your imagination.


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