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Tips for a Nonprofit Press Release

By Alexa Connelly
July 13, 2015

Need help getting your message across? Marketing not working?

Here’s some tips for nonprofit press release:

First you should understand the purpose of a press release which when you really think about it and get right down to it a press release is to give vital information out to the public which includes the general public, journalists, other organizations, and many other very important people and public figures.

A good press release has the ability to supercharge “so to speak” any nonprofit. By allowing your message to get across to the public.

Here are some great tips to follow that are sure to bring success!

Always start of with what I like to call a “stick it”. It’s kind of the same thing as a logo it’s more commonly known as a hook. Something that the audience can easily remember your nonprofit by.

Always use the most important information first and the less important information last. Marketing can be hard and it’s difficult to get everything you want to say said during a press release so give your most vital information first and least vital information last.

Just as if it were an essay “stay on topic” a press release should be focused on one topic at a time. Focus on one issue and leave the next issue for future press releases to come.

Try to stay away from generic hype words like next generation and life changing be original!

And don’t forget to smile!

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