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Tips For Building Fundraising Partnerships with Local Businesses

By Alexa Connelly
July 10, 2015

The legal atmosphere of America has a toxicity to it which can’t really be grasped on an individual level. Dictates and legalisms come and go so quick even the deftest attorney must remain on his or her game to have a passing familiarity with the ebb and flow of law. Tax law and a variety of protections for and against organizations have complications.For those working in nonprofit and social service organizations, these legal difficulties can prove a terrible boon.The best way to combat against the many different exigencies of the legal system is through insurance services for not-for-profit groups. A nonprofit organization doing a fundraising event may be subject to certain tax liabilities that aren’t immediately apparent, especially if it is doing that event in conjunction with a local business; and a good not-for-profit insurance service can help that fundraising effort remain lucrative for all involved.

Building a fundraising partnership with a local business is a great way to increase locals’ cognizance of your business, as well as help a special-interest group that really needs the money.It can be a win-win situation, but there are many factors involved which an insurance service aimed at nonprofit events could really help with. What you’re looking for is an insurance service that has national ties with networks and brokers to meet all possible needs. A good nonprofit insurance service will have extensive knowledge and experience, such that they can answer specific questions and keep the fundraising ball rolling. Also, a good insurance service is going to look to the long-term, as a commitment to service will facilitate long-term relationships.Risk management, insurance goals and the overall mission of a nonprofit or services group are the things a reputable nonprofit insurance service provides support for.It is the prerogative of a good organization to actively reduce claim frequency and severity, which is one of many ways a good service will help a given fundraising relationship minimize losses. There are certain training needs, employee/volunteer needs, and environmental considerations that really require experts to address, as the time involved would leave the uninformed unable to perform any real fundraising services.

In not-for-profit climes, the challenging market can sink an organization that hasn’t dotted its i’s and crossed its t’s.However this sort of thing is preventable; so do a little research and find a nonprofit insurance service that works for your charitable endeavors.


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