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Tips For Fundraising Online

By Cheyenne Gladfelter
February 05, 2015

Fundraising money enables your organization’s untapped donor base to be reached. A well-organized campaign targeting big masses can yield more money as compared to direct mail or event-organized campaigns with a significantly low overhead. Identifying your audience and prioritizing on one goal is the first step to excelling in this process. Good campaigns start off with previous communities they have engaged with before embarking on new grounds. The goal must be meaningful and easily understandable. Being specific with how you will handle the money makes your potential donors have confidence in the agenda. The system should enable contributors to track their donations. Expected results must be visual to allow your audience to attest their contributions are going into a noble course.

  • Be Persuasive and Straightforward

Take time to craft compelling emails as they stand out as the foundation for the campaign. Remember to ensure all the emails are authentic and casual as this is the only way they will be effective. They should also be as specific as possible; referring to a particular recipient by official names. Emails must have a common voice of command which is only unique to your platform. This aids donors to connect and take part in it.

  • Analytics

Emails must never be too graphic as that will distract your audience or slow them down. Always send emails in a timely manner taking caution not to become too much for your audience. It is your mandate to take note of open rates, subscriptions, unsubscribe rates, contributions as well as click-through rates. You should be able to track every bit of this data, get analytics for each to establish the trend and notice what’s working and what’s not. Try and incorporate new features such as new visuals, languages or ways of asking for contributions and use their analytics to judge what works best.

  • Active Hyperlinks

Consider having an actual hyperlink and not words embedded in the link. This should be able to redirect to your website, precisely your contribution page. The page should be easy to navigate to avoid any chances of donors leaving because the system is unfriendly.

In a nutshell, consider keeping it personal, timely, consistent, action-oriented and analytical when handling the emails. This proves to donors that you are not experimenting but good at handling their donations. It is also a way of creating long term relationships.


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