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Tips for Holiday Fundraising

By Alexa Connelly
December 23, 2016

Nonprofit organizations rely heavily on donations from their supporters year-round. More than 25% of their annual donations are raised during the popular holiday months, November and December. The Holiday season is the perfect time for nonprofit organizations to increase mission awareness and reach more supporters through fundraising initiatives.


Here are five tips to make the most of your nonprofit holiday fundraising efforts.

  1. Get personal. Share stories and testimonials from those your nonprofit helped throughout the year. Ask individuals to share how your help impacted their life, their family’s life, and what significant struggles they overcame. Capturing real stories on video or sharing deep details pulls at your supporters heart strings by giving them a person to connect with.
  2. Tell them where the money goes. Be direct in your fundraising message by including statistics on the number of individuals you helped year-to-date. Break the numbers down into categories if it’s relevant  X number of individuals found jobs and X number of families received food & supplies from our pantry. The more detailed you are in your campaign, the more likely you will spark the sense of giving in a new supporter.
  3. Increase engagement online. Websites, blogs, and social media have a great deal of power in today’s digital-driven society. If you are not using these platforms to reach and engage a larger audience, you are missing out on valuable donations. Creating a social media profile for your nonprofit is easy and free. It gives you an easy way to reach a large audience at one time. Share pictures and stories of the individuals you help, post links to your online donation page, and educate followers on your overall mission.
  4. Make donating easy. The number one roadblock that keeps donations from flowing is that it’s not easy. Make donation easy for your supporters by accepting donations online, in the mail, and at your location. In addition, the majority of individuals use mobile devices for their internet activity. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly to make donations on the go a breeze.
  5. Be grateful. Show your gratitude to supporters every step of the way. Be sure to thank them personally and online when you are able. Sharing your gratitude, directly and indirectly, lets all of your audience know you don’t take support for granted. Appreciation opens new doors to an increased number of supporters.

Use these fundraising tips this and future years to make the most of your holiday fundraising campaigns. Your nonprofit will benefit from increased awareness and donations year-round.

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