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Tips on Building a Website for your Business

By Cheyenne Gladfelter
January 20, 2015

A non-profit company has several website options that may be effectively used on the Internet. Building your own non-profit website can be successfully completed with only a few steps. This type of online presence is offered for adult daycare facilities, hospice and home health businesses, social services groups and youth at risk organizations. You can present your upcoming initiatives, business photo gallery and pre-filled content requests on a non-profit website. Additional online features may be added, that include a fund raising service and payment processing service.


Tips About Building Your Non-Profit Website

Each new website has its own unique needs, but the following steps are basic for all successful Internet sites:

  • Your new non-profit website will need a domain name. You can use a sponsored domain name or purchase one on your own.This is a type of online registration that is required. A domain name for a non-profit organization usually ends in “.org.”
  • The specific requirements of your company will need to be assessed. A website for a charity may only need contact information and your mission statement included. This style of site is simple and less expensive to operate. Your site can have a blogging feature, that allows you to include your latest missions. An Internet site can be used for donations and purchases.
  • Websites that include payment processors are more complex to operate. You can offer an onsite button for your own check out service. Your buyers or donations can be processed, through an offsite payment processing service.

Many non-profit groups have their own membership groups. You can integrate this data base with a new website. A badge or button can be featured that allows new members to join. Donations can be collected using a “Donate Now” button. A connection to a donation processing site may be included on your new website, by copying the code from that site and pasting into your new website.


Designing Your Website

Designing a website for a non-profit group can use a site builder tool, that includes pre-designed templates. You can customize how your website is laid out, by selecting pictures to include, text to present and additional features that are offered. Pre-designed templates allow you to write in your information. Customized web pages are available, for more complex services that are offered. A store feature can be included, but this feature may need financial pre-approval by a credit lending institution.


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