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Tips on How to Begin an Email Fundraiser

By Alexa Connelly
June 17, 2015

Tips for email fundraising

In sourcing for crowd funding, a method commonly used by non profit organizations, email fundraising is an effective way to go about it. Following these quick tips will help to create awareness of your event and afford you the support you need:

Get email software

In order to get organized from the very beginning, acquiring email software will push your fundraising campaign forward. This is because apart from saving you the time to ruffle through myriad of emails, it will help you organize and send out emails in huge numbers.

Have a List

Coming up with a list of all contacts and listing those on a spreadsheet will help you to differentiate professional contacts from friends and family’s contacts. This list should also include the location of each contact. This way, emails can be sent at the right time to the varied time zones.

Create a Schedule

When you think about all the emails that are sent out each day, it is important to know how to approach your emailing to avoid your mails ending up as spam. All through the preparation period, break down the email into at least these parts:

  1. First email: Introduce the whole idea, and why the fundraising is essential. Be convincing enough and create confidence in the recipient that the funds will be totally appropriated for the said purpose.
  2. Follow up emails:
  • Details about the fundraising
  • Update of how much has been received
  • Thanking those that have contributed

All through the email fundraising, ensure that you emails don’t fall in with the rest of the billions by ensuring that the subject is a title defining what the body contains. It should be clear and definitive to make it easy to forward. The body of the email needs to:

  • Be brief
  • Contain an address
  • Include a “unsubscribe” button

To avoid dead responses, keep note of delivery status of emails, that way you only keep the emails that are active. And don’t forget to keep everyone up to date.

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