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Tips on Saving Money On Your Nonprofit Electric Bill

By Cheyenne Gladfelter
February 25, 2014

Electric bills can cut into finance of many businesses and when you run a nonprofit you don’t want to waste cash. There are some ways you can save money on the electric bill, as follows:
Install a Solar Generating System
One way nonprofits can save money on the electric bill is to band together with a group of other nonprofit organizations and install a solar system. In Washington DC the nonprofit Beyond Pesticides got together with other DC nonprofits and installed a 6KW solar panel on the rooftop. Over the lifetime of this installation Beyond Pesticides expect to save at least $15,000 and their investment had no upfront costs.
Upgrade to Energy Efficient Equipment
Upgrading to energy efficient equipment can not only reduce expenses but also save money as your organization becomes more energy efficient. Check out the rebates, discounts and energy efficiency plans available from local electricity suppliers to source the best program to suit your business needs and begin saving on your electricity immediately and for the months and years ahead.
Being ahead of the game in any business means sourcing the best and most cost effective supplies. Nonprofits need to become even more savvy about costs than profit making businesses to ensure that all available income is distributed wisely and targeted in the best possible manner.

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