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To be like nature

By Alexa Connelly
March 16, 2010

There is something spiritual and calming about walking with our pets in nature that allows time to reflect on things.   They are wonderful pet companions.  We can learn so much from our canine friends who seem to find ways to live in peace, will remain by our sides no matter what the situation (except of course an occasional deer chase), and have unconditional love.

While walking with Sky and my youngest daughter this past weekend at the local State Park, my senses were on fire as the rain drenched our heads, the leaves crackled under our feet as we watched the lake rise from the accumulation of the rain and snow melting over the past few days.  Nature always seems to have a way of taking care of itself and find balance.  I thought, why is it we as intelligent beings, are not always able to find this same harmony?  It seems in society today when things go a wry, more and more often we want to shift blame, find fault and seek justice.   Why can we not learn from nature and simply try to find balance, forgiveness and to work through things together, amiably?  As I am in the field of writing insurance, particularly liability insurance, I often see lawsuits, many of which could or should be able to be worked out if the parties involved would just sit down and talk it out.  However, so many times, we think the only form of resolution is through the courts and are often led to believe that a large financial settlement is necessary.  The reality is no amount of money in many circumstances will really change what has happened, so where is the balance…there is none.  Fortunately, there are alternatives to going through a long drawn-out, stressful and time-consuming legal battle that allows the parties involved to sit-down and find a reasonable resolution.  Often times both parties walk away satisfied that they have been heard and the issue at hand was addressed or is being addressed, any financial loss restored and both parties walk away amiable and feeling more balanced.  Isn’t this the way it should be?  We have the choice in our dealings, be it personal or business to include mediation and/or Arbitration Agreements.  These agreements spell out how a dispute will be resolved before they occur through either or both forms of resolution rather than going through an impressionable, expensive, timely and stressful legal battle.  Of course it would be awesome if we would (as naturally as nature) work through things together trying to find forgiveness and balance without all these formalities. But, that would be the perfect world, right?

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