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Use Social Media to Increase Adoptions

By Alexa Connelly
June 03, 2013

Social media is everywhere; it plays a major role in the loves of over half the population. There are currently over 200 apps in use solely for this purpose and Facebook alone has over one billion people involved in its community. That translates into a huge potential resource for any animal shelter that is willing to utilize it.

Half of the battle that animal shelters face is a lack of exposure, especially of the animals that they have available for adoption. It is well known that getting the images out of these animals is a major element in finding homes for them.

These sites are a wealth of opportunity to not only find loving homes, but to educate the public on a number of topics to prevent animals from being removed from a stable household. It can also be used to provide a public service in being a proponent for spay and neuter services, vaccines, and other health concerns.

These social media sites are typically free of charge, or have very little fees involved, making it a fantastic investment for exposure. Imagine for yourself how quickly the picture and story of one of your adoptees will reach out to over a billion individuals. These same individuals may pass the information to other people, immediately providing you with a very diverse demographic.

An added bonus to the use of social networking for an animal shelter is the possibility of cultivating donations.

These sites are an excellent way to expand knowledge and exposure for your adoptable animals.

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