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Volunteer Injuries: Are You Liable?

By Alexa Connelly
April 08, 2013

Nonprofit Insurance Program carries a wide variety of insurance for non profits.  Often volunteers are the lifeline of non-profit organizations and fundraising drives. They are reliable and get the job done. Still, accidents and injuries occur so your organization could be liable for their medical bills; if an accident occurs on your premises. People fall down stairs, trip on slippery floors, or get sick from eating food at special events. So having insurance to cover volunteers is a smart option for your organization.

Carrying volunteer insurance shows you care about your volunteers and protects you when accidents occur. Nonprofit organizations often have cars that volunteers drive so this insurance should include auto coverage too. Accidents on the road often happen when volunteers are out fundraising or rushing to help at an accident or fire. Often volunteer medical expenses are excluded on general liability policies. This means that if something happens it is not covered.

Volunteer Medical Expense Insurance will keep the good relations you have with volunteers and protect you when. If someone gets hurt you won’t worry needlessly about the expenses. If an accident occurs you could be liable and lawsuits can be expensive. Buying Volunteer Medical Expense Insurance for less than $1 a day can give your peace of mind. Contact Nonprofit Insurance Program the insurance for non profits to learn more about protecting your volunteers.

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