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Ways to Gain Support Using Pinterest

By Alexa Connelly
August 10, 2015

Social media websites are outstanding to join when you are trying to gain supporters for your non-profit organization. Pinterest is one of the most popular ones too use. Gaining supports is easy and fast since there are millions of members using it every day. All you have to do is sign up for a Pinterest account and begin creating boards with pins on them that show off what your organization is all about supporting.

What are some of the ways you can gain supports using Pinterest?

Create Boards: As we just talked about creating Pinterest boards is one of the ways to attract new supports. Each board should contain pictures of the non-profit organization with links to your website along with brief description of what the non-profit is supporting. The more details you put into the boards the better chances of gaining new followers each day.

Like Pins: Another way to gain supporters for your non-profit organization is by liking other peoples pins on Pinterest or particular other non-profit organizations similar to yours. The more pins you like the more new supports you will gain to help your non-profit grow to support the cause you are fight to help.

Share Pins: It is also essential to share your pins on your own boards on other social media pages such as Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter. Sharing pins from people who have started following your pins will also show you support them as much as they support you, which will lead to the word getting around about your organization and that will help you gain even more support.

End Notes to Keep in Mind

Using the social media tools offered from websites such as Pinterest can help do more than just gain supporters. It can help your organization grow so you can help the cause you are supporting more and more. Just keep in mind when designing any social media page to discuss what your organization is all about, introduce your volunteers, show off great pictures of non-profit events you have held or are going to hold in the future along with links back to websites where people can learn more about you and maybe even donate. You want your media page to be as professional and interesting as it can be. After all, no one is going to follow your non-profit social page if it does not catch their attention.

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