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Ways to Properly Recognize Your Donors

By Alexa Connelly
June 05, 2015
How To Properly Recognize Your Donor

Saying Thank you can be the easiest and also the hardest thing to say. It is an expression that shows gratefulness for a good thoughtful deed done. Nobody knows the power of a good deed than a person who is in dire need of help. The deed done can be so great that mere words are inadequate. Nonprofit organizations can attest to this as most of them work with what little resources they have to make a difference in someone’s life. They work tirelessly and look for ways to raise funds to provide shelter, food, clothing, medicine, and even emotional help for those under their care.

Nonprofit organizations rely on the goodwill of donors to fulfill their objectives and they find ways to express their gratitude to those who help the organization. Every organization wants donors who donate as many times as they can. Some of the ways they recognize and thank their donors is by:

  • Hosting a thanksgiving gala. It is a perfect way to say thank you and to recognize the effort made by a donor . It also shows that you appreciate the effort that has been made. Throwing a party on a donors honor is also a way to encourage the donor to continue being philanthropic.
  • Naming a facility or department in your organization after him or her. You can choose the department that gained a lot from the donation.
  • Sending a thank you gift. It is a personal approach that is also sentimental. It shows the thought put behind the gift. This can work where more than one donor made a contribution.
  • Inviting them to organization events. It can be as simple as a family day cook out. It gives the donor time to spend with the people he is helping.
  • Making them the organization ambassador. Aside from boosting morale it is also a way to welcome the donor into the organization. It makes him feel at home more especially if the cause was something he personally recognizes with.
  • Offering a donor a position on the board of directors. This is a good way to ensure that the donor feels recognized and it might offer him the motivation to bring more people to help the organization.

All in all whatever form of thanks you use should come from the heart and should always be for the interest of the organization.

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